Born:  02/10/52  in a small village just out side Gothenburgh.  

Life was always music.

1st Instrument was the accordian aged about 5,  shortly followed by the guitar at 7 years.

at about 17 he joined his first band, they already had a guitarist, but no bass player, so he quickly learned to play bass. Played with various bands but in 1972 Co-founded SHAGGY with Fidde,Thomas and Tom.

Musical Influences: Cream,Led Zepplin,Wishbone Ash,and many more 60/70s bands, not only rock but also Reggae,hiphop and,ehtnic music.

Song  Writing & Production: With Shaggy, Darque, Modern Jazz Dance Ensemble, Kitto, Unice and Ugly, Lisette, Frank Skott, Mental Monkey Ballet, and many many others in his studio at first Stockholm Beats& then BLM music.

He loved the combination of sound,light and vision and worked for 12 years as musical director of the Stockholm International  Horse Show and the  Ballet Akadameia.Atockholm

Also worked with the american drummer Lee Levin & Madonnas producer Doug Emery..

Relaxation: Enjoyed watching films of all genres, Quintin Tarantino,Lord Of The Rings and watching live Dvd concerts of musician/ comedian Bill Bailey.

Sadly JAN passed  away in Febuary 2014 just over a month after we had finished the album.

Thanks for the memories