After the band finished in 1978, Thomas E went singing with a band in The Netherlands and then formed his own production management company. Fidde played in various bands and worked on other projects. Jan and Tom collaborated together on a second album and then Jan changed his name and disappeared. So, by the middle to late 80s, the band had lost touch with one another.

Time was passing by and in those days there was very little internet/social networks, which meant searching for individuals was difficult. Tom, on a visit to Gothenburg in 2000 found out that the music shop (Music Utan Granser) was not closed as he thought but had moved. he went to the shop and asked about the guys, the only contact details they had was for Jan in Stockholm, where he had his own studio. And so began a new era of working, although unknown to us Fidde and Thomas E had been contacted by a Stockholm company called Premium Publishing, who were releasing an encyclopaedia of Swedish progressive rock bands between 1967 and 1979 entitled From Psychedelic Experiments to Political Propaganda. This encyclopedia was also to include Shaggy. Alongside this there was also a 4 CD box set called The Essence of Swedish Progressive Music 1967 - 1979 Pregnant Rainbows for Colourblind Dreamers, which included one of Shaggys tracks entitled No Strings.

Whilst searching for companies selling bootleg CDs of Lessons for Beginners we found Thomas E and Fidde.

It was agreed for the four of us to meet up at Stockholm Central Station on 7th January 2008. At Jans studio we listened to all the tracks on cassette that Shaggy had recorded in the Freezerhuset and decided on the following:

- to re-mix and re-release the Lessons for Beginners album

- to record and release a new album of Shaggy’s rock music

- an acoustic album

- to re-record Destination Nowhere and release this as a single

We put together a list of 25 tracks from the tapes we had listened to and agreed on.

1. Goodbye my World

2. Devil Take You Woman

3. Waste of Time

4. Magic Horses

5. No Communication

6. Mr Moonlight

7. All Around

8. Tandy Man

9. No More

10. Lady of the Hill

11. Sad Tale

12. Im a Fool

13. Thank You

14. Wake Up and Find Out

15. Hello Goodbye (Sunday Morning)

16. I Am Who I Am

17. Where Has Everybody Gone

18. Today’s Not Over

19. Poem

20. Im Coming Back

21. Sunshine

22. Look at Me Look at You

23. Rainow;s End

24. Gotta Leave You Alone

25. Who is He

2 of these tracks we decided to perform as acoustic (Sad Tale and Mr Moonlight), and 2 as electric (Magic Horses and Goodbye my World).

That same weekend we recorded accoustically Sad Tale and 2 versions of Mr Moonlight. A 3rd version of Mr Moonlight was recorded with vocals by Tom R. The 2 electric tracks were soon recorded by Fidde and Thomas E in Stromstad at G1 Studios.

The recording process took longer than we thought due to the band members other commitments but recording continued at G1 Studios, as well as PP, Studios Gothenburg and BLM Music-Stockholm.

Marcus Rosell played on drums for us and is now playing in the band Dead by April.

In 2011 Thomas Engstrom resigned from Shaggy as he had become too busy with his management company and was unable to give the commitment required.

Ulrich Carlsson, lead singer of the Swedish rock band M.ill.ion, was invited along to G1 Studios to sing on Mr Moonlight. The session was successful and he agreed to work with us on the rest of the album tracks.

We recorded all the new vocals, plus some bass, guitar and keyboard parts. This was finally completed in January 2014.

Sadly, and much to everyones shock, Jan died on 21st February, less than a month after we had completed the album. We knew he was ill with a lung disease but not that he would pass so soon. As a founder member and close friend his ideas and creativity were integral to how we wrote the songs together. He is sad missed by us.

Another problem arose as all the finished recordings and mixes were on Jans studio computer in Stockholm. Fortunately these were eventually found, but we had to record a new track for some missing guitarparts and vocal files.

At the same time, Tom R was diagnosed with Dupuytlrens Contracture, which affects the tendons in the hand, and he had to undergo an operation first on his left hand in November 2014.

All the track files then went to Spinner Studio-Halden-Norway for the final mix. they were then mastered by Sverre Daehli in Halden, Norway.

In January 2015 Sinisha, and artist friend of the band agreed to do the artwork designs for the album.

It was at this time that we decided to find a drummer, bass player,and guitarist for the release party. Stefan Hussar (Schäfer) joined us as the drummer, Robert Ottoson (Aggressine Chill) on bass and Hannas Rognas (When Hope Falls) on guitar. A great bunch of guys, who have worked very hard, with a good sense of humour combined with good looks!!

Rehearsals were planned and the date for the release party at Muskens Hus for December 18th 2015, The video for Destination Nowhere was arranged for 7th November.

But disaster struck again when, on the 11th October, Tom R was bitten on his right hand by a wild cat whist sitting outside his local village pub. Within a couple of hours the swelling increased dramatically so he was rushed to his nearest hospital in Norwich. The doctors diagnosed blood poisoning and he had to undergo an operation. Upon his release from hospital on 16th October he informed his co-band members and it was agreed to get an additional keyboard player.  Martin Bryngelsson (Electric Breakdown) was approached and agreed to play alongside Tom R.

Ots been a long road with many twists and turns but SHAGGY THE ROACKBAND are on the road again back to Gothenburg in the 18th December at MUSIKENS HUS. SEE YOU THERE………….