Born and raised in the wonderful  city of Trollhättan on 17th of June 1969.

Over the years I have played in a lot of bands in Trollhättan, Gothenburg and Strömstad.

Although I listen to all sorts of music, rock’n’roll is my kind of music, especially from the 70’s and early 80’s. Among my favourite bands are Kiss, Deep Purple, Whitesnake, Rush, Rainbow, Night Ranger, Y&T and early Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Eric Carr of Kiss made me wanna play drums when I was 14 years old, but the drummers I’m definitely most inspired by are Ian Paice, Todd Sucherman, Neil Peart and Vinnie Appice. I think the most important role of the drummer, apart from keeping time, is to play with the song and not to solo all over the place. I fucking hate drum solos, apart from Neil Peart’s masterpieces.

I play Pearl drums, Reference Pure-series in beautiful piano black finish. The bass drum is a 22” x 18” and toms are 10”, 12”, 14” and 16”. Snare drum is a first generation Free Floating-series with brass shell in size 14”x 6 ½”. My cymbals are all Sabians; AAX-, HHX- and Artisan series. Sticks are Vic Firth 5B:s and SD10. Hardware and pedals are all Pearl.

I think life becomes more interesting with contrasts. Evenings and nights I like to punch the crap out of my drums, and in the morning and throughout the day, I like to hike in silence in the woods and mountains, watching and listening to birds and smelling the fragrance of the wild flowers and plants.

I work as a conservation biologist and park ranger. It’s a real privilege to work with something you believe in and that makes a difference for both the wildlife habitat and for future generations of mankind.

I love to travel and to be humble and amazed by the  different cultures all over the world. One of my greatest travelling memories was when I visited Kenya in the early 90’s and watched the wildlife on the savannah for the first time. It was an out of this world experience and it definitely changed my life from that moment on.

I am happily married and now live in stromstad on the Swedish West Coast

Good food and refreshing beverages are true treats of life.

Sexual Preferences:  Just for me and my wife to know?


Live for today, but aim for the future.