Born in Karlstad, Sweden late seventies.

Lives in the countryside outside Strömstad together with my wife, 3 children, 2 horses and a cat. For

I have played in several bands/constellations/genres but most recently (for the last 12 years) with the hard rock-band Aggressive Chill.

I love all kinds of music, a good song is a good song! Though I have my roots in Rock n´ Roll from the 70´s, and I like bands such as the Foo Fighters and Muse.

Nowadays I play on a Sandberg California 5-string bass with a 4x12 EBS-Cabinet and a Fafner II amplifier. It sounds F------G Amazing

 So, relaxing is a big challenge..;)

Of course I love to be with my family and also create/build things with my hands irrespective of it´s making music or carpentry. Always something ;)

I have a “weakness” for good food and Red Wine..what can possibly be better?

sexual preferences : not the horses or the cat. but my wife knows all my secrets

What is Time? It´s only now, so live now!