Being adopted by Fidde but not being allowed to call him Papa ( on stage ) So now the band is all swedish

Born: Yes / Manufactured on an unnamed planet in the universe which has a lot to answer for.

Likes: Music, Writing, History, Reading, Beer.

Music: Beatles, Rolling stones, Pink Flyod, Free, Family, Nektar, Strawbs, Yes

Songs: Written nearly 500 songs ( some of them rubbish but not all ) for Shaggy, Savage Amusement, Darque, and  The White Room

Status : Unloved / Trying too hard ( open to most offers even i have limits although not many)

Sexual Preferences : Still being Investigated, Still learning. But potatoes always considered when i am hungry.

To feel proud of what you achieved in life .Every ones life has its ups and downs. Some are like roller coasters. The choices one makes in life and the decisions you made are what make up you, yourself